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October 2003

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October 1

Those of you familiar with Chapel Hill probably know the enormous amount of traffic each day on Franklin Street. I don't think one has to stay in town more than an hour or so to realize that Franklin is the main street. And you'd think those doing some repaving work on it would have a clue by now, since they've been at it for many days.

But apparently their cluelessness knows no bounds. They're repaving the thing inch by inch, and not warning motorists far enough away from that day's inch to get them into merge mode. So you see two lanes of traffic at a standstill, and quite a few road workers looking at the same small patch of pavement.

Hmm. The workers are surrounded by a copious number of those cute orange traffic cones. I suppose it's possible that the budget got out of whack, causing those in charge to purchase too many cones and not enough warning signs.

I've been here a lot of years, and seen that street repaved a lot of times. I can't recall a time when it's been quite so frustrating for those trying to get somewhere. Oh, and if you're wondering why people aren't using the bus system to avoid the traffic jam? Wouldn't help at all. The buses are stuck in those same two lanes.

My suggestion, until the work is done (which may or may not be this century), is that anyone wanting to head to Chapel Hill leave plenty of time for sitting in traffic.

And for those of you who have ever thought of starting a local helicopter service, do I have a location for you!

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