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September 2003

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September 29

I managed to do a little catching-up reading over the weekend. That I was late reading it is why I didn't mention this before. As usual, David has done a fine job getting to the heart of the matter. All I can add is a very heart-felt comment: "Amen."

Back in the days when things were wonderful with Prince Charming, it felt like we were married. Plans were made for the legalization of the relationship, but even without ceremony we both said we felt married. Things went sour before we got around to the legalities. But to this day it grates on me to have to check off some asinine little box that states I'm "single, never married," since the ending felt so very much the same as how my friends described getting divorced felt.

So I never bat an eye if friends who are gay speak of themselves as married, even if they haven't had a chance to make the trip to somewhere the legalities can be done. And if any couple wants a wedding, well, I have the ordination credentials, know ceremony-speak, and will be happy to oblige.

I usually stay far, far away from political issues. But the sheer notion of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is so repulsive to me that I will indeed come out of my political quietness and work for its failure.

What's it to me? I hate discrimination. I hate bigotry. And I hate that miserable little "single, never married" box.

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