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September 2003

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September 24

Today's adventure was courtesy of a paving crew. For reasons known best to them, they were paving one of the busiest highways in the area this afternoon during rush hour. Ordinarily, neither that road nor rush hour have any bearing on my trip home from work. The reason they did today is that the rush hour traffic got jammed even more than usual by the paving crew's work.

And all those cars inconvenienced by the paving took over all the usual back roads and local routes heading west. thus extending rush hour in terms of time and breadth. Yes, I live west of work. So does Wendy. We were both still at the office, but her husband, Senior Partner, had left for home. He'd been gone a while, at least long enough to get home under normal circumstances, when he called from the car to let Wendy know about the traffic situation. She, of course, shared that information with me, and we made plans to settle in for another hour or so.

The new associate attorney, who's also Senior Partner's son-in-law, was still at the office, too. When Wendy and I were talking about the situation, he was finishing something he was working on, and not paying much attention to what was being said. But apparently he heard Wendy say something about the highway and not being able to get home, and decided he should perhaps ask for a repeat.

We both assured him that since he lived east of the office complex, his route home wasn't likely to be affected. I then said, "In other words, Wendy and I are coming over to your house for supper." He knew I was kidding, but I knew we'd have been welcome if necessary.

After we thought traffic might have thinned enough, Wendy and I headed out, wishing each other luck. It only took me a couple of minutes extra to get here, which pleased me.

And I'm really glad I hadn't planned to go to the grocery store on my way home---the one closest to home is west of here.

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