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September 2003

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September 23

A scene from the day: Younger Partner had an appointment that included an infant. Said infant brought his parents along, since they were the ones who really needed the legal service, but it was the infant who decided when they had gotten enough advice, thanks. He let his feelings on the subject be heard. Very loudly.

Younger Partner hasn't spent a whole lot of time around babies. But his lack of experience did not mean he didn't know to hurry up and let the parents leave. Mercifully, the rest of his day was populated with people who were old enough to talk.

I was checking my archives this evening, to see what I had written in the aftermath of the former ssociate's leaving the firm last year. It has been a while since I thought about how angry I was at her comment that I didn't do anything. Once I got over being so angry, the remark turned itself into a joke.

And that not-so-clever attorney? Well, let's just say no one misses her.

September 22

You know your day at work at a law firm is going to be a little on the different side when one of the first conversations you have has you replying, "That's all right, I speak sewer."

That was made to Wendy's comment that she didn't know much about sewer lines since she's used to dealing with septic systems. I've always lived in places where there were municipal sewer systems.

She did indeed ask me to speak sewer at least once today, in the context of the office complex sewer problems. But it turns out apparently the language we need to be speaking is pump, as in that which moves the sewage up to the main line from the buildings in the office complex.

I hope the problem can be corrected soon. So far, only the building next door is affected, but that could easily change.

A worsening of the problem would lead to many more upset people. Hmm...maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to delete a piece of spam that came in this weekend: "All You Can Eat --- Tranquilizers."

If I get it again, I'll read it. Maybe they have recipes!

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