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September 2003

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September 15

I'm in one of those introspective moods tonight. I'm thinking about what motivates me, for one thing. Someone asked me just that question a few years back. After some thought, at the time, I said I was mainly motivated by love.

Not just love of someone, but love of what I'm doing. Right this very minute, I'm doing something I love to do---writing an entry. Earlier today, I had a chance to write a couple of letters at the law firm. They were both cover letters, but both required some fairly precise wording. And I not only loved writing them, I loved that I'm trusted to do just that.

I love that office dog Zoe trusts me to know she needs something, and to do my best to deliver whatever that might be. In general, I love being trusted, which is a large part of why I love the job.

Yes, I really do love my job. And in case any of you think this is a suck-up, you're wrong. I'm not sure there's anything in the world I detest more than suck-ups, so I definitely don't do them.

Another thing that motivates me is curiosity. When I want to know how something works, or how to do something, I'll quite happily put effort into the learning. Then I'm usually happy to put what I've learned to work in my life. Curiosity and love both figure into things I've learned about music and needlework.

Other things, of course, have their own specific motivators. Housecleaning, shopping, etc., are more motivated by need than anything else. Obedience of rules has the not-wanting-to-pay-consequences motivator.

Lots of motivators in my life. But the one that works best is love.

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