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September 2003

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September 14

Several things on my mind tonight.

It's too early in the game for me to be worried about Hurricane Isabel, but I am certainly aware of her current location and that she could head this way. If she does, it will be late this coming week. All I can personally do is make sure I have provisions, and I already have just about everything I'll need.

My one piece of storm-related advice: if a major storm is approaching, wash your dishes. I did that in 1996 as Fran approached, and was extremely grateful that I didn't have a sinkful of dirty dishes and no hot water for several days.

In catching up on web reading this weekend, I found Ben's September 11 comments. For a second year he has written something on the subject that I commend to you.

I know that spammers use fake names, but I got one spam note this weekend with a sender name that truly startled me. No, it wasn't my name. It was that of an acquaintance in Chapel Hill. The lady whose name was used is a community activist, but I doubt she's taken up sales of penis enlarging methods as a fund-raiser.

But then again, this is Chapel Hill, and stranger things have happened. I've lived in this area a long time. I've seen lots of strange things happen here.

Including Hurricane Fran.

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