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September 2003

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September 9

There are days when I'm sure the fates have conspired to make my life more complicated. Today was one of those days.

I first got the hint that the day would be complicated when I realized traffic was backed up for a couple of blocks on the main road I need to use to get to work. Apparently the fates had decided that the road workers needed to dig up about ten feet of pavement in one lane.

Amazingly, this required shutting down that lane for the two blocks prior to the ten feet in question, with those cute orange traffic cones. Just to make sure I and my fellow drivers heading east got the point, the lane continued to be shut down for the next half-block beyond the place where work was being done.

If you're thinking I was late getting to the office, you're right. Going those two blocks took twenty-five minutes. Not kidding.

The next challenge the fates threw my way was the lack of a parking space in the complex parking lot. Well, there was one, but some charming soul had parked over the line, and the car on the other side was fairly close to the line. This time, I decided fates could have the damned parking space; I'd look elsewhere. I found one without having to leave the county.

So I go into the office, wondering what else was going to happen. I didn't have to wait long to find out. The Internet was broken. I don't yet know what caused that, but apparently it was out for several different ISPs in the area, including the University of North Carolina.

Although our office network was working, e-mail and the online calendar service weren't. Good thing it wasn't my turn to be responsible for knowing who was where. I think the fates forgot that part --- don't tell them, okay?

The fates then apparently decided to take the rest of the afternoon off. I managed to get through my work without much more complication, and the trip home was peaceful.

But just in case they decide tomorrow is a good day for a repeat visit, I'm going to have something to read in the car.

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