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September 2003

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September 8

Today had all the potential for disaster, as it began with a really tough project at work. Pleasantly, the really tough project went more easily than I had thought it would. That was me sighing with relief you heard in early afternoon.

Unrelated to that project, but annoying in its own right, was what was going on outside my office window. My office is on the side of the building next to the parking lot. This is ordinarily quite pleasant, since I can glance up and people-watch, and the traffic noise is minimal.

Today's annoyance involved two people. One, the female, was supposedly an adult; the other was a male toddler. I'm mainly blaming the adult for this, because I'm fairly sure the toddler didn't pick the parking space. The one just outside my office window, of course.

I suspect they were waiting for someone who had business in a nearby office. Whatever the reason, these two were waiting, beside a parked car (no, they weren't locked out; the adult opened doors occasionally to get things) for several hours.

And the child did not shut up the whole time they were there. He had an umbrella to play with, and kept up a steady stream of chatter that may or may not have been umbrella-related. I couldn't hear words as much as I could hear babble and shreiks.

What was the woman doing? Paying him enough attention to make sure he didn't get hurt, but otherwise busying herself with her cell phone.

They finally left around 5:00 p.m. At which time I stopped doing the mental rain dance.

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