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September 2003

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September 4

This was a day of storm, rain, pause, rain, storm, rain, pause, etc. About the smartest thing I did, at least for myself, was go in mid-afternoon to run an errand. I would have done that one after work if I hadn't been pretty sure it would be raining.

After I got back from the errand, Zoe the office dog helped me eat my lunch. We were a bit later than usual doing the lunch thing, but since Zoe got actual human food and not dog biscuits, she didn't complain.

Things got interesting a few minutes later after Wendy and Zoe got back from taking the afternoon mail. The storm was coming, and the dog does not like storms. So the next thing to do was get a tranquilizer into the dog. That helped, but Zoe still wanted all her humans handy.

At one point, Zoe was under a desk. Wendy was seated at the desk in the conventional manner, and I was seated in the floor beside Wendy. We both had hands on Zoe, telling her that we wouldn't let anything hurt her.

The storm eased up some, and normal activities resumed... except Zoe realized I was the biggest human available. This meant everywhere I went, so did Zoe. Even to the bathroom. I'm just glad she didn't decide to start barking.

At the next pause, Wendy decided the smartest thing for her to do was take Zoe and head home. I did a few more things in my office, then I left. When I saw the puddles on the street, and thought of how I would have been wading in a puddle-prone parking lot had I waited, I was even more convinced that doing my errand earlier had been a smart move.

I managed to get home just fine, and am looking forward to a little less weather drama tomorrow.

September 3

I don't have very much to say tonight. It was a busy day at work, and nothing particularly journal-worthy happened. But I thought we could all enjoy this. It is a guaranteed time-suck.

I'd also say it isn't work-safe, not that it's raunchy but because if you're looking at it you'll probably not get back to your work.

September 2

I'm sad tonight.

I was containing my not-so-happy thoughts rather well, till I read an e-mail note from a friend who asked a simple question. Although the answer to the question was also simple, I found myself in tears as I was typing.

The friend wrote back, with some sympathy, knowing only that I was sad. And the question-and-answer was not what made me sad; it merely allowed the floodgates to open. I think tears are a good, cleansing thing, so I don't regret having them come.

The question evoked memories of a friendship that will never be whole again. And that led me to think of others who are missing from my life for one reason or another.

And that's just the part of why I'm sad tonight that is mine to tell. Suffice it to say there's a lot of sadness touching the lives of people who matter to me, and I'm sad for them.

And for heaven's sake, do not make the mistake of trying to cheer me up. I already know things will look better, get better, whatever better. That does not mean my sadness is not valid or is not a necessary thing right this very minute. And it needs time to sort itself.

I have long thought it to be both pointless and borderline boorish to try to force someone to cheer up. Don't make me think that of you.

It would just make me sadder.

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