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August 2003

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August 13

Random things.

I ran into someone today that I just cannot stand. There are very few people I find loathesome; this person is definitely on the list. After the encounter, which was mercifully brief, I asked a friend of mine to go get some disinfectant spray and spritz me.

No, she didn't, but I'm sure she understood the request. We went on to comment that some days it would be better if we could just walk around in hazmat suits, complete with face guards and very heavy gloves.

Come to think of it, that would solve the problem of what to wear on those days when one has closet failure.

Later in the day, I was reminded that I really don't think it's necessary to make a disparaging remark about one thing in order to praise another. Liking what you like on its own merits is a fine thing.

Today is the birthday of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. It is also the birthday of my ex's mother. After due consideration, I would have to say that she is the more dictatorial of the two.

Hey--I didn't say all comparisons were unnecessary!

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