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August 2003

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August 10

Please, people, if you're going to comment on a national news story, take the time to find out the facts before commenting, certainly if your comment is a negative one. Consider this a public service announcement.

On to an unrelated but equally maddening subject: I have about decided that Harris Teeter doesn't love me anymore. This startling turn of events (hey, I've been a card-carrying Very Important Customer for a long time now) comes to light in the aftermath of their remodel job.

Up to now, I hadn't named names, but since they've apparently decided to stop carrying my preferred cigarettes, my favorite lotion, and one of my favorite snack foods, I'm taking it personally. And I don't care if they know I think their remodeling job sucks.

There are many reasons I think the remodeling sucks. High on my list is the shelves. The shelves at the two of their stores I'm most likely to use are now much deeper than the earlier ones. This allows them to give less shelf width to any given product, thus cramming more products into the same amount of frontage. This can cause traffic jams of people searching for a particular brand (that the store may or may not still be carrying) or a particular size.

It can also lead to some unwelcome intimacy with the shelves when the front items are gone and what you want is at the back of the deep shelf. Think about it.

And don't get me started on the poor aisle signs and the even poorer placement of the signs.

Yes, I do know the marketing tactics that have led to this. Knowing them does not mean I have to like them, thanks.

Something else I know? Which other stores carry the cigarettes, lotion, and snacks.

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