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August 2003

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August 6

We had a power failure late last night. I'm guessing it was weather-related. Whatever was the cause, it hit just about the time I was settling in to write an entry. Since it's hard to type by flashlight and I was tired already, I just turned off the laptop computer and went to bed.

At some point in the middle of the night, the power came back. I woke up enough to turn off the lamp beside me, then went back to sleep. It was odd to wake up early this morning, but the sort of odd that passes quickly. It was overtaken by my quest for coffee, in fact.

Yesterday was a good day in a lot of ways. Things worked out well with the labels client; I was asked if I'd be available for other (non-label) work in the future and I said that would be my pleasure. I had hoped that would work out.

I managed to come up with some useful information at work from a website that leaves much to be desired in terms of facts. I had several pleasant exchanges of e-mail.

Another, non-local good thing from yesterday: I am pleased that the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops approved the upcoming consecration of Bishop-elect Robinson.

I need now to go finish the last bits of Tuesday, and head out into Wednesday. I hope for all of us that it's a good day. And while I'm wishing, it would be nice if the power stays on.

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