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May 2003

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May 19

I try very, very hard to be fair. Sometimes that's really hard. Right now, I'm in a situation where I'm having to force myself to be fair to someone I just flat don't like. And it's testing me down to the roots of my own fairness principle. Wish me luck, please.

This is, in its own awkward way, a good thing for me. I know that. It's making me be sure to do as I would have others do, of course. And it's making me look into deep parts of my soul. It's good to have to look that deep on occasion.

It actually is a leap for me to say out loud that I really don't like the person toward whom I'm trying so hard to be fair. I've been dancing around on that point for a while. But no, this is definitely a person I don't want to know. Don't want to be friends with, don't want to spend time with, and don't want to deal with on any level.

Except if the person wanted to pack up and move to a far away place, I'd be more than happy to help with the packing.

* * * * * * * * * * *

To go to a complete change of subject, I remember with a great deal of pleasure where I was nineteen years ago today. I was at the consecration of Peter James Lee, who had been elected Bishop Coadjutor of Virginia. Peter was a long-time friend from his days in Chapel Hill, and I was by no means the only non-Episcopalian in the crowd at the National Cathedral on that feast day of St. Dunstan of Canterbury.

While I hated to see him leave Chapel Hill, I was delighted for him, and certain that those things I had found worthy of respect in him would remain. On that one, I am pleased to report that I'm right.

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