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March 2003

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March 29

For about a month now, we've had a fifth attorney working at the law firm. He's not quite a year out of law school, and seems to be intelligent and personable and anxious to learn the ways of the attorneying world. I like him.

But I've had a really hard time keeping his name straight. Oh, if I needed to introduce him to someone, I could do it. It was when I was referring to him in-house that I would lapse and call him what's-his-face or some other non-name. For some reason, his name just didn't seem to fit him.

I mentioned that I find him personable and intelligent. What I haven't mentioned is that he's tall and not particularly thin. If I were his mama, I'd say he's a big boy. And let's call him Youngling.

Friday, after newer admin-type TC had left for the day, Youngling was in the lobby doing something when a client came in. Soon afterward, he came into my office to tell me that a client was waiting in the lobby to sign something. He apologized for not remembering her name, but he did give as good a description as he could. When I got to the lobby, I recognized her immediately, and was able to help her.

When I got through and had a minute to think, I realized that when Youngling had thought to come get me when the client needed assistance, I had had the urge to pat his head and say, "Good Boy!" to him, with the possible addition of ear skritches. Further, I realized that this was because he reminded me of the late Golden Retriever Robbie.

Now those of you who've been with me awhile know that there is no disrespect intended toward Youngling by saying he reminds me of Robbie. The comparison is a very favorable one. Youngling is smart and loyal, and a big boy. So was Robbie. Oh, and Youngling is blond.

Of course, there are some major differences. Aside from the obvious ones---Youngling being a card-carrying human with opposable thumbs and always walking around on two legs---so far he hasn't come in and begged lunch from me. Nor has he gone to sleep on my foot.

I am glad I recognized the similarities, though. For one thing, it pretty much explains to me why I've been having such trouble with his name. I guess I've been thinking he should be named Robert.

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