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March 2003

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March 27

There are some thoughts wandering through my brain tonight, but none of them are fleshed out enough to be entries on their own. I'm going to put them here, and let this entry serve as a repository.

---I really hate it when I lose respect for someone. I've always been the sort of person who took forever to re-grant respect when it dwindled. And there are a couple of people who have gone way, way down in the amount of respect I have for them of late. Neither of them are people I know other than virtually, by the way, and I never considered them friends. But I hate it anyway.

---I find it some combination of infuriating and amusing when someone who hates to have his/her picture taken demands to see pictures of other people.

---Not all the thoughts are negative, in case you were wondering. For instance, I've been thinking about how lovely the day has been. As I drove home this evening, I was grateful for the lingering sunlight.

---I realized as I drove that I was hungry for one particular thing that I didn't have at home, so I drove to my favorite grocery store and bought the desired item. My thought was that since I could make my meal complete by spending a minimal amount of money and effort, it would be a shame to do otherwise.

---And in contrast to the first item, I've been thinking how grateful I am that there are many people I've known a long time who have never given me reason to lose respect for them.

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