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February 2003

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February 28

Going back to work today was a lot like having a second Monday, complete with an overabundance of junk mail, an overflowing inbox, and weird phone calls.

None of the calls, though, were as odd as one on Wednesday. Our office complex is next door to the local AM radio station's tower. This occasionally causes interference on the phone lines, and the weather plays a large role in determining the occasionally.

On Wednesday, it was very cloudy. Those clouds were low, and were heavy with rain. If you're thinking this sets the scene for a weird bout of interference, you're correct.

I answered a call, and the caller asked if she could ask me a question. I said yes, and she said, "I'd like some information..." The next thing I heard was a commercial for an area law firm that handles medical malpractice cases. It was really clear. After few seconds of it had played, I spoke again, and asked the caller if she wanted to know something about that law firm.

She said no, that she had heard the thing start and thought someone had interrupted me, so she stopped talking. I apologized for the interference, and she spoke loud enough to be heard over it. What she did want to know had nothing to do with medical malpractice, which is good since none of our attorneys do that sort of work.

I transferred her call to an attorney who could help her, and went in search of a filter for my phone line. With filter in place, and sanity thus restored to my desk, I went on with the day.

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