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February 2003

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February 17

The high for the day here was two degrees below the freezing point. If you're thinking that means nothing melted, you're right! I didn't go outside, but I can see the skating rink, oops, parking lot, from the windows. No tire tracks. I think this storm halted even our most diligent driving attempters.

Since I didn't go outside, or even open the door all day, there aren't any new pictures. But if you want to have an idea of what it looks like outside my apartment, go to your freezers and look at an ice cube. The effect is best if your ice cubes stand about an inch and a quarter high.

I am thinking about spring things to crochet, and looking through my supplies to see what yarn I have available. That's always fun for me. About a year ago, a friend gave me some yarn found at our local thrift shop. Lately, that bag of yarn has been calling to me, telling me it's ready to be made into something. Oh, hush! I am too sane!

And I've been thinking about how that last ice storm left us a week behind. I hope this one gets over soon---otherwise, people will be getting 2003 holiday greetings from me sometime in late 2005.

Now there's a thought---work on correspondence tomorrow. Looks like I'll be here to do it. So that's two projects right there to keep me out of mischief: crochet and write to people.

Or not. I could decide that it's yet another day good for napping.

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