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February 2003

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February 16

Again with the ice. This time, the white stuff may have a few snowflakes in it, but it's mostly sleet. The rain part of this started late yesterday, and has gone on off and on through today. So we have frozen rain topped by sleet.

Next building up from mine

The good news, for me, is that the power seems safe. I was as prepared for a power failure as I could be, but certainly didn't want one. I'm pleased that at least for now (late Sunday night), the power lines for this area are intact.

I spent part of the afternoon chatting on IM with TeKay, taking breaks every once in a while to go peek out the windows to see what was falling. A bit later, I took the pictures for this entry from the edge of the porch. That pile of branches under the pine tree? That's leftover debris from the December ice storm. The other picture shows the bank to the side of my building, and the building next door.

Debris from December. resting under the pine tree

I have no plans to get out tomorrow. There probably won't be enough melting to let us move cars in the parking lot without serious risk, and I don't do serious risk. I'm thinking Tuesday will be Monday for me. At least, I hope I can get out on Tuesday.

I know other people have it worse than we do. I think most of them would join me in hoping for an early, warm spring.

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