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January 2003

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January 18

It did indeed snow here, but not very much. In case you think something as mundane as a weather front brought the flakes, well, not this time. The whole thing was Mother Nature's way of wishing Wendy's friend DJ a happy birthday a few days late.

DJ had put in a request for a little birthday snow. Mother Nature, being disposed to like DJ, decided that DJ should have a nice, pleasant little snowfall. And that's just what we had. It came at the end of the day on Thursday, so any schools taking a snow day in its honor would just miss one day.

When I left work on Thursday, I had figured we might get enough snow to mess up roads. Turns out that at least for the roads I needed to use, travel was easy. I did go to work Friday, and had no trouble.

And there was a pleasant surprise for me when I got there. Business cards with my name and position on them. I knew the firm had planned to have separate cards for each of the attorneys, but I had no idea that administrative assistant me would get some, too.

Late in the afternoon I finally got things sorted out with tech support in terms of getting my main notebook computer fixed. That had been a little iffy during the morning, because the tech support person I had been dealing with told me to do two things I had already done (and reported the results of). Upon being apprised of that, the tech person read through my responses again, and figured out what was wrong. I was then informed that my warranty covered on-site service, or, if I wanted to do the repair myself, the new motherboard could be sent to me.

I chose letting them send the part to someone who would be responsible for messing the thing up if that should happen. I know I could probably do it myself, but hey---it's part of a warranty I paid for, so no reason not to use it. The local technician will be in touch with me next week.

So, what with the snow being no problem, the lovely new business cards, and the knowledge that sometime next week I'll have my main computer back, I'm a happy girl today.

And I'm happy to report that Rick made it safely to Albany, where he and Duncan seem to be coping well with the snow. Which is seriously deeper than what we got Thursday night...

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