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January 2003

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January 10

A group of us from the law firm went out to lunch today. We went over to Durham, to have barbecue. It was interesting to see all of us sharing a family-style meal (where there are containers of food brought to the table, rather than portions of food served to each person). We all have good table manners, I'm pleased to report, and are good at sharing.

It was a little odd to have all of us eating basically the same thing. We are a diverse group in our culinary interests. But today even the pickiest two eaters (I'm one of them) managed to refrain from special ordering. The food was delicious, and I enjoyed the outing.

We were all full and sleepy when we got back to the office. It's well that the afternoon was basically quiet.

And I doubt any of us ate much for the evening meal. I'm sure I didn't.

January 9

Topics I'd write more about if I had more time to write tonight:

---the several Internet penpals I now seem to have. Two are in Europe, and it's interesting to hear from them. Then there's one in the US who probably won't write again, since he made some assumptions about me that were totally off-base, and was told so, in no uncertain terms. Politely, of course.

---that a friend pointed out right before Christmas that we were all about a week off due to the ice storm in December. She nailed that one. She went on to say that her family planned to celebrate the holiday on New Year's Day, thus giving themselves another week to get ready.

---the importance of getting your homonyms right.

Maybe one of these days those will be given more attention. Not tonight.

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