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January 2003

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January 8

In the entry, she left out the part about the bundle of sticks. And what Wendy doesn't know is that long before she and I got all geeky about various forms of fee simple (the bundle of sticks being an example in part of that), I had spent an earlier part of my day answering questions from a friend about domain registration and websites and cybersquatting, oh my. That conversation will continue next week.

I learned a lot from Wendy today, about some of the terms that cross my desk on occasion. And I enjoy that sort of conversation as much as she does. I also enjoyed chatting with my friend about the domain-related things. My interests in life are many and varied. And that's why I call myself Rebecca of Many Trades, in case you ever wondered where that name came from.

Those were parts of my day today. Then there was the favor someone did for me that backfired and wound up making me do exactly what I was trying to avoid. That being I had taken the time to order office supplies online yesterday precisely so I would not have to pick up (physically, I mean) and carry boxes of file folders. Today when I got to work, TC let me know that the supplies had arrived, and before I could stop her she had brought the carton containing not one but three boxes of file folders into my office. In case you don't know, there are a hundred folders per box.

She thought she was saving me carrying the heavy carton and that the contents of said carton was something I needed in my office. Instead, as soon as I opened it, I realized everything in the carton needed to be taken all the way back past the lobby and to the supply closet. I wound up having to take the contents to the closet, because I didn't want to ask TC to move it again and I needed to be able to use the space where the carton was resting. Since I had to move it anyway, it was just as simple to put the contents away.

I know she was doing what she thought was the most helpful thing. My back will forgive her one of these days.

Me, I can hardly wait to see which of my talents and interests will be called on tomorrow. Bundles of sticks I can deal with, but I hope it doesn't involve cartons.

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