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January 2003

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January 4

I discovered something tonight that was a little weird. The liquid hand soap in my refill bottle apparently congealed during the ice storm last month. This bottle stays in the cabinet under my kitchen sink, which is not the warmest place in the apartment by a long shot. And one of the nights when I was at Camp Law Firm, the temperature (outside the apartment) dropped below twenty degrees. I guess that was just too much for any residual heat in the cabinet.

I hadn't needed to refill the dispenser bottles since before the ice storm, so I hadn't had reason to notice the change in consistency of the contents in the refill one. It was like trying to pour about-half-set gelatin. Apparently the soap is coming back from its congealed state rather slowly.

And that's the day's weirdness in Beckyland.

January 3

I had occasion this morning to turn down a freelance gig, because the person who needed work done wanted a task I don't do. But I took particular delight in turning this one down. The person pissed me off before I ever read the request.

How did that happen? The subject line in the e-mail message was, "New Assignment." Umm, no. I don't take assignments. I do freelance work, and reply to requests for my services. In the context of my freelance business, no one assigns work to me.

Yes, thanks, I know it was just a word, and that the user of said word probably didn't mean to piss me off. All the same, since I was going to turn down the request anyway, I took particular care in my reply to refer to what had been asked of me as, "the requested work."

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