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January 2003

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January 3

I had occasion this morning to turn down a freelance gig, because the person who needed work done wanted a task I don't do. But I took particular delight in turning this one down. The person pissed me off before I ever read the request.

How did that happen? The subject line in the e-mail message was, "New Assignment." Umm, no. I don't take assignments. I do freelance work, and reply to requests for my services. In the context of my freelance business, no one assigns work to me.

Yes, thanks, I know it was just a word, and that the user of said word probably didn't mean to piss me off. All the same, since I was going to turn down the request anyway, I took particular care in my reply to refer to what had been asked of me as, "the requested work."

January 2

What a difference a year makes! I just looked at my entry for January 2 last year, which was about the beginning of a snow storm that wound up keeping us out of work the rest of the week, and found me the next day calling Mother Nature a drama queen.

I'm glad that's not the weather situation for this year. We have had some rain, but it's warmer than usual for January, so about the only snow to be found in North Carolina is up in the mountains in the western part of the state. Warm rain we can deal with without much trouble. It won't cause many complaints.

In fact, the biggest complaint I heard today was from Young Partner, and had nothing to do with the weather. He came in my office and announced that none of the clients had brought us cake or cookies, and that he really didn't know what to do for an afternoon snack. (He was kidding, not suggesting that I go get something, in case you're wondering.)

We discussed the situation, and decided that although we were capable of baking goodies and bringing them in to share, it just wasn't the same.

That's just as well, since if we all kept eating at the rate the holiday cakes and cookies were coming in, we'd all have to take another day off to go buy new clothes.

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