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October 2002

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October 15

Last night I was watching "Charlie Rose" on PBS. James Taylor was one of his guests. That was a treat for me because I love James Taylor's music, and most of the segment was about just that. The cherry on top of the ice cream was that James sang a particular favorite, "Carolina in my Mind."

On the show, James talked a bit about that song. He mentioned it had been a learning thing for him---that he had learned some things about himself while writing it. That he really loved it was obvious when he sang it. And that pleased me.

Umm, if you're looking for logic in this, don't. It's purely an emotional response to a song and songwriter. It made me smile.

And that was good.

October 14

The cleanup from the flood continues.

I spent time last night mopping the ceiling. Yes, that's what I meant. It struck me the easiest way to start really killing the mold there was to mop it with a known killer of mold (I'm not doing commercial endorsements). And the easiest way to do that was to grab the mop and have at it.

It did a lot of good. Much of the new growth of mold is gone. Of course, the hazard of doing this sort of mopping is getting ceiling debris in your face. I tried to stand offside, so more of said debris (not mold, but little bits of the spray-on stuff that makes the ceiling textured) landed on the floor instead of on me.

Journal entries and responses to e-mail may be sporadic for a few days, as the cleanup goes on.

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