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August 2002

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August 25

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

For many more years than she has been my immediate supervisor at the law firm, Wendy has been a good friend. Having known me for so long is what made her think we could work together in the first place. I don't think I've told you how it was that I got hired there. Read on.

For a number of years, Wendy's parents have been on my holiday letter list. Since she was local, Wendy wasn't---local people already know what I'm up to, usually. In 1995, they kept my letter to share with Wendy, since she and her husband were spending the holiday with them. In that letter, I told the latest developments with my mother, and said that since I needed to be free to attend to her needs I wasn't trying to work full-time, but was doing some freelance work.

Wendy called me a couple of weeks into 1996, and asked if I would consider coming to work part-time at the law firm. I went over there the next afternoon for a meeting with her husband, who at the time was the sole owner of the firm and now is its senior partner. And the next day, I went to work.

I left in the late spring of 1999, when the firm decided a full-time person was needed. I was offered that position, but I already had too many free-lance clients to be able to take on more law-firm hours.

Fast-forward to last summer, when the full-time person who had come after I left resigned to go to work for a larger firm. Wendy, knowing me well enough to figure she'd catch me online, did exactly that. She caught up with me by instant message, told me the secretary had resigned, and asked if I wanted to come back, again part-time, to take up the slack. I said I would love to, and started about ten days later.

Now I grant you this is not the way most law firms hire support staff, but it works for this firm and for this support person!

One of the nicest things about being friends with Wendy is that she trusts me to be Aunt Becky to her critters---which is an honor to me. And the love and concern she has for all those animals is one of the reasons I have so much respect for her. The picture below was taken in the office hallway back in June, when Zeke was visiting and assisting Zoe with the office dog duties.

Happy Birthday, Wendy, and many, many more!

We really do spend time on the office floor with the Goldens
Wendy with Zoe and Zeke.

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