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August 2002

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August 20

I am sad tonight. It's interesting how things can build up, layer upon layer, through the day. Today has had lots of layers. There were happy ones, funny ones, poignant ones, and sad ones. I'm not sure why the sad ones are taking precedence; probably because they were the last ones added to the heap. Taken separately, none are enough to make me sad. Piled together, they are.

Rather than running through the layers of the day, I think I'll just say I'm tired, and let that be enough said.

August 19

One of the things I've done today was get reacquainted with The Usual Suspects. There's a joke that surfaces frequently in posts there, about the importance of forum-based relationships (that people will spend time reading and responding to posts from strangers instead of stepping away from the computer and going out into the world to interact with people face-to-face).

I think those relationships moved up a notch in importance to many of us in the last week or so. While it was wonderful to have the Greenspun forum to fall back on, we had become spoiled with the ease of keeping up with new posts to threads that the real board allows. And it was really nice to go there again.

Something else I've done is catch up with Selila's journal. I became acquainted with her through her posts at TUS. Her writing is beautiful, and that comment does not do it justice. Please go see for yourselves. And see the lovely artwork in her gallery while you're there.

I've also read the latest entries in some other journals this evening, including Rick's, on watching his father and mother as they grow older. That one makes me want to cut this short and go write e-mail, so I'm going to do just that.

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