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August 2002

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August 18

Several things tonight:

Dee has just written to let it be known that the Coffee Bean Goddess has a new home, and is settled in and welcomes visitors. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been missing Dee's writing this week; I look forward to taking a few minutes to read through the entries I've missed (they're posted).

Random comment: Brittanic Bold is not a good font to use for large bodies of text. This comes from my having tried to read a web page today that was done in that font. Not fun. I wound up going to the source code to read the text.

Web surfing is what I did to amuse myself when I needed a break from what I was really doing today. I've been doing housework, and also been working on a research project for a client, one that I started last week. I got incredibly lucky on this one; I found a treasure-trove of links to follow off one site I got to through a Google search. I continue to love the serendipity factor associated with the Web.

Someone asked me today if the "you" entries (like this one) had returning people. Yes, they do, but not every person appears every time.

And that's all there is from here tonight. Hope the week goes well for all of us.

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