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August 2002

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August 17

Another installment in an occasional series. As in the earlier ones, these comments are addressed to ten separate people, and are not intended to reflect the entire relationship I have with the person of whom I write. The earlier ones are here, here, and here.

First you, you show up in my thoughts often.

Second you, you are gaining worldly things, but losing trust and friendship. I am sorry for your losses.

Third you, you are someone I am enjoying getting to know.

Fourth you, you are my chief confidante, and I treasure the freedom of speaking with you.

Fifth you, you are mine now; I will protect you.

Sixth you, you have my gratitude.

Seventh you, you have become a pleasant surprise.

Eighth you, your candor is serving you quite well.

Ninth you, some days I don't know you at all.

Tenth you, your values and mine differ, sometimes more than others. But I love you nonetheless.

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