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August 2002

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August 13

Office dog Zoe has officially outdone both her predecessors. Not in greeting clients, or deterring pesky salespeople, but in laying guilt trips on her Aunt Becky.

As you probably know, Zoe and I usually share my lunch. Well, more often than not, Zoe is having a dog treat while I have human food. I grant you that in the recent moving of offices, etc., there have been a few days when our schedule got all messed up, and Zoe missed a treat or two.

Apparently Zoe has a long memory for such things. Today, after her second treat (the treats, by the way, are the size dog biscuits intended to be given to small dogs. Zoe is a Golden Retriever, so giving her two of them is not overfeeding her), Zoe looked up at me with perhaps the saddest facial expression I have ever seen on a dog.

It conveyed to me that Zoe wanted to know why I was ignoring her pleas for food. Was I angry at my canine niece? Was I cruel? Was I merely ignorant of the fact that she was about to starve and could only be saved from this by another treat?

Never mind that I knew Zoe had had her share of the senior associate's banana, plus other treats during the day. And that I knew she had been fed at home before work. None of that mattered, at least not to her.

I must say that I held part of my resolve to refrain from fattening up the dog. I only gave her half of a third treat, and that one was a doggie breath freshener.

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