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August 2002

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August 5

Sorry for the sparse writing of late. It's no secret that I've had my head stuck in my own problems. This worrying about money is no fun, none at all. As I told a friend last week, I'd like to just get to a place where it isn't the first thing I think of every day.

I am having a hard time finding my usual optimism. That has been exacerbated by being really, really tired. Tired I could take care of---I went to bed early last night. So today I am in a little better mood. I thought I'd take advantage of some quiet time before work to write this.

Catching up: I really like the new secretary at work. She's bright and friendly, and eager to learn the ways of the law firm. She's settling in quite well, for someone who has only been there two days. I was impressed that she managed to actually get some work done in the chaos of moving offices that was going on around the place on Friday.

I'm still getting settled in at my new desk. I am not yet equipped with drawers or other storage, but that's okay, since I'm deciding exactly what I want in terms of book storage, etc. For the moment, all is still a little chaotic, but I know where I've put things, so that's okay.

The last office move was Wendy's. That one happened Friday, and went really well, especially considering it involved taking furniture outside and around the building. Since there was already a nearly-identical credenza in the new office, Wendy had decided just to clear out the things in her old one and move them over, rather than moving the two pieces of furniture.

A funny moment came when one of the males in the place took a look into one of Wendy's credenza drawers and nearly panicked. He mumbled something about how we'd need a box to clear that one out (Wendy was in her new office, setting things up; he and I were bringing things over from the old one).

I took one look at his face and realized that the problem was he was afraid he'd find some personal (meaning girly) stuff in there. I knew better, because I knew what was in the drawer, but to avoid embarrassing him, I offered to tackle that one. For the record, the most personal thing in there was a sample-sized packet of toothpaste.

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