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June 2002

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Happy Anniversary, Becky Says! -- June 24

Wow. Two years now. I hadn't thought about how many times I would sit at a computer keyboard and type entries when I first started this site. As a rule, I tend not to think too far ahead of myself, especially when the subject is something for my own pleasure. So no, I hadn't really thought about how long the entries would continue to happen. And I still don't think about that. I can tell you I have no intention of stopping, though, because it gives me a great deal of pleasure to sit down and write. It is also a good discipline for me. And at the moment, it's one of my more important commitments---to myself and to other people.

Those of you who have been around from the start know that as I've learned more HTML, I've changed some things. This started out using the standard dark-blue-background-with-white-text template available at Diaryland. That was fine at the time, and suited my needs. Then I wanted to tweak a few things, so I learned how to do that. But I'm not a big fan of changes, so there haven't been many. The most recent one was to change from always titling entries to rarely doing that, and using the date as the title.

Heh. I just said I wasn't big on changing things, which is true. But I'm thinking about things that have changed for me in the two years. Most personally important, I have made some new friends as a direct result of writing here. And some longer-term friends have learned a few things about me they didn't already know.

Something else important: I've become more willing to be public in calling things as I see them, on a variety of issues. And I'm more open in talking about things. For instance, I've allowed as to how I know a few things about porn, and that I want a new gentleman.

Also in the past two years, I've set up two business sites, Rebeccaworks and Counsel Giver, in addition to going back to work at the law firm. I'm glad to have had this venue to tell you about these parts of my life.

My favorite part, of course, is the sharing of thoughts. I love it when something I've said here gets me thoughtful mail. I love it when people post to the forum.

These are all good things. All in all, I've enjoyed doing this, and I look forward to even more enjoyment from it.

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