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June 2002

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June 23

This afternoon when I was sleepy, some person apparently decided it was amusing to dial my phone number, wait till the machine answered, then hang up. Many, many times.

I think the twit was using redial. I think the twit was trying to annoy someone into answering the phone (rather than letting the machine get it). I think the twit had the wrong number; it was definitely one I did not recognize.

If this was a game, I won. I didn't answer the phone, and I did get my nap.

"Twit" is one of those words that has resurfaced in my vocabulary of late. I don't know what prompted me to remember it, but I am enjoying using it again.

Other twits were also out and about. Later in the afternoon I went out to take the recycling to the appropriate bins. The easiest way to get there from my apartment is to walk beside the building to the back sidewalk, then go to the bins. I'm glad I didn't go out without my shoes.

Some group of twits had used the side yard as a bar last night, apparently. There were at least half a dozen empty beer bottles and broken parts of others, along with empty chip bags. For the record, this was within thirty feet of the garbage dumpster and the recycling bins, which would have been visible even at night thanks to streetlights.

One of the brewing companies has as a part of their ad something to the effect that they hope anyone old enough to drink their product should have the sense to know when to stop. I would add to that. I'd include the suggestion that those old enough to drink should demonstrate the personal responsibility to properly dispose of empty bottles.

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