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June 2002

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June 22

Things wandering through my mind:

--On Friday, I and most of the people with whom I spoke were in pain of one sort or another. Backaches, headaches, you name it, we hurt. This made for some interesting conversations.

--It's been my experience that most people with bad backs don't play the one-upmanship game. I don't hear many people saying their backs are worse than someone else's. Instead, they're more likely to say something on the order of, "Mine's hurting. I bet yours is, too." This is, in its own way, quite refreshing.

--Knowing when to let an argument die is an art.

June 20

I'm glad to see the week ending. This one has been hectic. It's been the sort of week that my favorite coworker hasn't been Wendy, or Zoe the office dog, or any of the attorneys, but has been the voice mail lady.

The voice mail lady came to be part of the office staff between my stints there. When Wendy and I were talking last summer about my coming back, she told me that I would like the lady, but I had no idea how true that would be.

Ms. Voice Mail has infinite patience with callers; much moreso than I can claim to have. She lets them call at all hours of the day or night. I definitely don't do that!

One reason she's been my favorite coworker this week is that she pitches in when I'm trying to talk with another caller. Ms. Voice Mail never needs to take a break, nor does she need to wait to answer till she swallows her mouthful of lunch.

I know she gets paid well. I know she deserves every penny.

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