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June 2002

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June 16

Go read a report on the party I had to miss last night. Damn 3,000 miles! But I'm glad a good time was had by those there.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Back in the day when I was working at Non-Profit Agency #1, I was the only administrative assistant in town with her own private goon squad. It was a self-appointed squad of two of the college students associated with the agency, who made it their business to make sure I was not left alone in the building during times that might not be a safe place to be.

The squad later added a third member, another student whose role in the squad was to accompany me if something scared me. That didn't happen often, but I was always glad for the company.

I loved those three boys as though they were my own. I knew they would do anything for me, and would protect me if necessary. And it was mutual. They may have had the strength, but I had determination and a very loud screaming voice.

What has me thinking about my goon squad today isn't a physical threat, but I'm in danger of being annoyed needlessly. The person who has been harrassing journallers (among others; he's also started harrassing a discussion group in the UK) has apparently decided that he needs to hit on me. As in follow up his compliment from the other day by making a sexual comment.

I'm thinking this is for shock value, but I've lived in Chapel Hill way too long for that sort of comment to shock me. I turned down his offer of sexual congress, and I'm not sure that won't get me hate mail, or worse, a spammed forum. Yes, I know how to block it. But the thing is, I'm pissed. I did not ask for his attention, and I don't need to have to spend even five seconds dealing with this potential garbage.

I think I need a cyber goon squad.

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