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June 2002

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June 6

I got involved in a message board discussion today that started off being about a boat in the Midwest being hit by a hit -and-run driver and went on conclude with comments on Southern women. No, really, it was a logical progression.

The boat owner commented that she had used some rather strong language to make her point to the twit who did the damage. Another poster, who is also from North Carolina, said he wished he'd been around to see her in action, to which the boat owner replied that his ears might not have been able to deal with what she had had to say.

That's where I came in to the discussion. I said I was sorry about the accident, and hoped her words had had the desired effect, so that repairs were swift and without argument. I went on to say that she needn't worry about her language; that we Southern women knew a goodly supply of cusswords. And that Southern menfolk learned not to make us use them.

My fellow North Carolinian then commented on the Julia Sugarbaker character from "Designing Women," to explain that many Southern women were just like that, only add some profanity. Which prompted my comment that a friend had described me as being, "Just like Julia Sugarbaker, only moreso." Which I took as a compliment.

We went on to agree that Southern women are special creatures. (We are!) And I concluded by saying that I had always loved being a Southern woman, and being from the South in general.

What I stopped short of saying there was that I am on a mission to disabuse those outside the South of the notion that Southerners are lazy, backward, and illiterate. But then you already knew that, didn't you?

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