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June 2002

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June 4 - Later

A number of years ago tonight, I graduated from high school. I was a member of the last class from my high school, which closed. The next year the new high school for the area opened, out in the countryside. It was renamed in a countywide school consolidation.

The ceremony itself was pleasant enough, with the exception being the woman who was representing the county school system deciding to leave her kid gloves on while shaking hands with us. That felt completely weird. All in all, I was glad to be getting out.

I was the only person from my class who was coming to Carolina. There was one other person who had applied---in fact, the main reason I applied was that he would be here, too---but he didn't know that. In a burst of things all happening at once, Carolina picked that year to try to start evening out enrollment statistics by gender. To make this happen, they deliberately accepted more women than men that year (and in several subsequent ones.)

Of course you see where this is going. Even though I applied really late in the game, I got in. He applied for early admission, and didn't get accepted. It pretty much ended our friendship, not to mention any chance for something beyond that.


June 4

Yesterday had its share of frustration before the day got good and started. When I got up, it was to find out that the water in my apartment complex had been turned off. The local water utility idiots were doing some scheduled maintenance work, but they hadn't bothered to let anyone know. I knew that was the deal because I could hear them digging and carrying on outside my window, but there had been no notice put on the doors.

Mercifully for me, I'd rather take my shower at night, so I was clean. And there was enough water in the refrigerator to use for coffee and toothbrushing, etc. I did feel sorry for those whose habits are different than mine, and whose lives more disrupted.

I took a container to bring water home from the office, just in case. I had decided that if the water wasn't back when I got home from work, I would pitch a hissy. Hissies, of course, are better pitched when one has an adequate supply of coffee.

The workday was basically uneventful, but I was tired when I got home. I was glad to find that the water had been restored, since I didn't really want to have to pitch the hissy. During the course of the day several people had offered to join in on that, so I let them know their help wasn't needed, then I had supper and went to bed.

One bit of amusement: someone reached this site yesterday afternoon by searching for "neurologist" and "Charlotte." That would have been fine, except the search was done from a computer connected to a server owned by a medical group. God help those patients if that's how the company does referrals.

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