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May 2002

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May 29

Good grief. David linked to this article about a desire to accessorize downtown High Point. And I am still having the giggles over it. They think they want statues and fountains. Well, I say they should look into combining the two. I can think of all sorts of remarks about peeing statues.

Actually, I'm sensing a business opportunity. I believe I'll mail them a couple of business cards and offer to crochet scarves and handbags. Now that's MY idea of accessories! I could even make them an offer of quantity pricing. Perhaps I could use the colors of the various schools in the city.

I just really hope the lady who showed up last year for the furniture show didn't read the article. She would be totally convinced she had indeed been in the midst of hicks.

My own times in High Point have not, for the most part, been spent downtown. This means I'm having a hard time envisioning the transition from normal city downtown to accessorized one.

Of the three major cities (the third is Greensboro, David's hometown) that comprise the Piedmont Triad, I am most familiar with Winston-Salem. Some of my roots are there, and I have spent many happy times driving through the downtown. The modern, industrial parts of downtown are what I mean. The parts where past and present coexist, somewhat garishly on occasion...there is one notable block a bit northeast of downtown where a lavender ranch-style house has a three-story brick building housing something industrial as a neighbor. Not too far away is a very small shopping center, and slightly beyond that is a house adorned with gargoyles. No, I am not making this up.

At any rate, I do hope Winston-Salem has stopped fancying itself up by setting up Old Salem, and will not make any attempts to accessorize. Unless, of course, they want to redo the base and have me crochet a doily to go with the landmark coffee pot.

Vintage postcard of the coffeepot

Hmmmm. . . . White or ecru for that doily?

Vintage postcard courtesy of David Gwynn.
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