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May 2002

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May 28 - Later

Okay, y'all, not that I think my parents ever had sex but the one time, but someone asked a question about keeping babies in bed with parents that reminded me of one of my favorite stories, and I wanted to share it.

When I was just a little bitty girl, I got into the habit of wanting to be rocked to sleep. One or the other parent would do the honors, and apparently one of the first things I learned to say was, "rock me!" Somehow, from the rocking chair I would wind up in their bed. I suspect that it was as much the "hold me" as the "rock me" that I really wanted.

Anyway, I remember going to sleep in their bed, and waking up there in the mornings. So it dawned on me, years later, that my presence might have interrupted some parental cuddling.

During the early years of the past decade, when I was home with Mother, I happened to bring up the topic of sleeping arrangements. And I said I was sorry if my wanting to be in their bed had, well, you know.

At that point, my mother got the loveliest smile on her face, looked at me, and said, "Dear, remember you always went to sleep well before we did."

I instantly got the point. She did not need to elaborate. I did thank her for telling me.

Later on I found out that she or Daddy would put me back in the parental bed early in the mornings, which explains the waking up part of it, in case you were wondering.

May 28

A couple of mini-rants:

Someone needs to update his or her computer's antivirus software, then scan the computer. I really did have better things to do last night than clean up this person's mess. Several times over. Yes, dear person, I know you're not doing it deliberately. But update and scan anyway.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The host for two of my sites is in the process of changing e-mail servers. So far, the company's "mail team" has (I think) moved one of my domains to the new server. But they have truly, utterly created chaos, which I really didn't need. Their communications have so far been as clear as mud. All I know for absolute sure right this minute is that neither the old nor the new passwords (they supplied both) will work. What fun! What e-mail I sent to their tech support people! I get a prize for remembering my manners on this one.

May 26

Yes, I know it's been another couple of days and I usually don't let that much time go by. I've been sick. I haven't had a cold this bad in a long time. Usually they don't sideline me. This one did. And yes, I'm sure it wasn't the flu.

I am better, and I thank those who have asked. My normally quick responses to e-mail have not been happening in the last few days; blame it on the need for sleep and know your mail will be answered soon. Most of what I've done in the last couple of days is sleep. And I've read some, and watched lots of television.

Some of what I've been reading is commentary from one place or other on the sex crimes coming to light involving Catholic priests. I don't think I need to add my opinions to the collection on the subject.

There is, however, something I do want to say here. The word, "pedophilia" is another of those words (like "insanity") that has separate meanings in the legal and lay senses of the word. Please know which one you mean before using the term. And you might want to remember "hebephilia," as well, which is a preference toward adolescents.

Sometimes knowing the precise terms isn't necessary. More and more often, though, it is the case that understanding the vocabulary in use can make all sorts of differences in understanding what is stated.

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