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May 2002

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May 14

I'm not as avid a reader of whole books as I have been at other times in my life. The main reason for this is that problem of the twenty-four-hour-day and the need to sleep during some part thereof.

But don't think that means I have forgotten how much I love the library. Not the local one in particular, but the concept of library. A place where there are all these wonderful books, and people encourage you to take your time to find one or a stack of ones you want to read.

My love for libraries goes back to childhood, when I lived across the street from the one in my hometown. I was there so much it truly was a second home, and the librarian there was a dear friend. I loved being around all those books. I loved getting to read books from the grown-up side of the building when I got older. It was a place of quiet contentment for me.

The love of libraries was strengthened by my having an aunt who was a librarian. She encouraged my library habit and taught me a great deal about how they work... in terms of things like books being selected and purchased.

I probably shouldn't admit this, because it may be grounds for having my B.A. rescinded, but I wasn't much of one to study in libraries. I did when I just had to---when there was something that couldn't be checked out that I had to use. But I always had a preference for studying in other locales. I wanted to keep my library time for pleasure as much as possible.

These days, when I have a chance to go to a library, the love is still there. Just as strong as ever. And that is nice.

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