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May 2002

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May 13

Odds and ends on my mind:

In case you didn't hear this enough during coverage of the Andrea Yates trial, the word, "insane," means different things in the legal world than in it does in the medical. Usually when laypeople are talking about insanity, they mean the medical set of definitions.

The breakup of AT&T made a lot of things better, but some things are infinitely more complicated than they need to be, especially when more than one Baby Bell is involved in the thing. Add a foreign country's telephone system to the mix and you're begging for insanity---medical definition.

If you're going to take your dog with you to a meeting, but plan to park said dog with a bowl of water outdoors under a convenient tree, make sure the bowl is anchored somehow. Not all dogs are going to be lucky enough to have me around to see that Rover has upended the plastic bowl and go get him more water.

Why is it that people who don't want to leave messages wait to hang up till after the voice mail or answering machine has beeped? I understand it when the person sighs---the frustration is clear. But just to hang on then hang up silently doesn't make a lot of sense. Are those doing so trying to show their hang-up skills?

That's about it for the evening. Hope the week got off to a good start for you.

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