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May 2002

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May 2

This has been a whole day of things not happening as planned. I think of myself as being flexible, but today took flexible to new stretches.

I had several things on my agenda to be done before I went to work. The list did not include dealing with computer worms, but that's what I did. That's right, three different spammers sent me the same worm. I was so thrilled. But it did prove that my antivirus software was doing its thing. None of them got past the mailbox, and none went from me to anyone.

By the time I got through scanning for anything else untoward that might be lurking, it was time to get ready for work. Ahh! Finally something that was on the original agenda! But I was still a little preoccupied with rescheduling the morning things, so the brain was not fully directing the process of dressing. That was apparent when I got about half a mile away from the apartment and looked at my left arm, for no particular reason. And realized instead of putting on the jacket I intended to wear, I had grabbed the one that did absolutely not go with the rest of my outfit.

After I came home and changed jackets, I got to work. There weren't too many surprises there, which was good. As the afternoon went on, I realized I was very tired. I planned to come home and take a nap.

So much for that! There was a message from a friend who's also an occasional client of mine. She was in need of some very quick research. More for the sake of the friendship than for the money involved, I called her back instead of going to sleep. After I found out what she wanted researched, I realized it would be very easy to do, so I went ahead with it. I also did some over-the-phone editing for her, of a letter she was planning to send tomorrow.

And that pretty much brings us to the present moment, when things are again back on schedule. I had been planning to be writing an entry at this point in the day.

I think I'll refrain from making plans for tomorrow, other than those directly associated with going to work. It's probably safer that way.

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