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May 2002

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May 1

I don't agree with the sentiments of the people who have finally caused UNC's Horace Williams Airport in Chapel Hill to close. All the neighboring homeowners who want to whine about the proximity of the airport to their homes need to remember that the airport was there first.

The airport itself has been a good neighbor. I don't live all that far from it; in fact, I drive by it on my way to work every day. And I've never been afraid, or annoyed by the noise (which wasn't all that much since the planes using the airport were small, private ones). There have been some crashes over the years. On the whole, though, the airport's safety record is a good one.

Bear in mind that the complaints have all been against an existing facility. No suggestions were being made regarding expansion of the airport after all the homes were built. (Not that there would have been any place for the airport to expand by that point.) The complaints started shortly after the first homeowners moved into the seriously overpriced houses in a development quite near the airport.

Yes, I understand the need for housing in the Chapel Hill area. Yes, I understand that people who have the money to buy overpriced houses (and trust me, the ones I'm speaking of are not all that well constructed, but are very expensive) have the right to buy them.

I just don't think it's fair that their late-to-the-party whining is causing the university divisions and the private pilots who used the airport to have to find new facilities.

And I'm reasonably sure that the closing of the airport will create a whole new area of whining, over what to do with the property. I can hardly wait.

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