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April 2002

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April 22

I really do like being back at the law firm. Days like today things happen that make the job even better. A man called who had been a client of the senior partner many years earlier. Chapel Hill being one of those towns with a very transient population, the former client had moved away and come back.

Another matter has come up on which he wants the senior partner's counsel. He had been told by someone that the firm no longer existed and the attorney had moved away. He decided to check the telephone directory anyway, and found the firm's name.

Since we've added younger partner, the firm name is different that it had been in the earlier days, but the man took a chance and called anyway. He told me he thought he had the right attorney, and asked a few questions to make sure that was the case --- how long the firm had been around, and for this attorney's specialty area. My answers let him know that this was the right attorney.

Then it was my job and my delight to tell the man that although the attorney was out of the office at the moment, he would be back soon and that I was sure the attorney would check messages. The relief in that man's voice when he replied was almost palpable.

And I love being able to pass along good news.

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