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April 2002

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April 1

Forget clowns---send in the tranquilizers.

I'm part of a group that has a link thing going. It's business-oriented, but for search engine purposes, I won't mention either the group or the business in this entry. Those who have read this site a while will figure it out; others are welcome to ask.

During Holy Week, someone got the idea that the links participants needed to have a discussion list going. And it was so.

Then someone else got the idea that a man who's part of the group should write a tutorial on how to put together a links page. And that happened.

As I recall, he does have some credentials for being granted expertise. Not that many, but whatever. It was kind of him to take the time to do the tutorial.

There's aftermath, of course. With every burst of e-mail from this group there comes more and more insanity. Apparently tutorman has deigned that a certain way of doing the text of a link is preferred by search engines. All those who granted him expertise are falling all over themselves to change their links texts to make them conform to his preference.

But they're going beyond what he's suggested, which makes for some shall we say bizarre text. The new way gives you links that are gramatically stupid (if not flat out incorrect; I haven't read all of them yet) and terribly cumbersome.

I have a few days to decide if I want to be part of this thing anymore. And it's beginning to feel like I don't. The way it's coming down, it will take much more time than it's worth. But I may decide to give it one shot, just to see. I'm not sure about that.

The one thing I was utterly sure of was that there was no way I planned to spend any time over the holiday weekend dealing with the mess. I decided that there are some perks to being queen of my own domain, and this was one I would grant to myself.

I haven't taken the time to do much with the thing today, either. But I'm thinking about suggesting that the group read Google's explanation of their methodology, written especially for the day we honor Fools.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Although the commitment time is over for those who participated in "Saving Kymm's Soul," the ring of journallers started by Beth in honor of Kymm's pledge to give up reading journals for Lent, the list is still available.

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