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March 2002

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March 18

As Mondays go, this one hasn't been too bad. Some random things:

---There is a rule that says delivery people have to show up either when I'm in the shower or not yet awake.

---The whole day has been gray and rainy; I'm not sure if I was dressing to go with the weather or what, but I wound up wearing beige. Head to toe, but different shades. Hush---there are too different shades of beige.

---I've been terribly busy all day today. Like I said above, it hasn't been bad. But it has been busy.

---When I'm terribly busy, journal entries from me are brief and may well be boring.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Beth has started a ring of journallers who plan to update daily for the rest of Lent. The ring is called "Saving Kymm's Soul," in honor of Kymm's pledge to give up reading journals for Lent. She'll need a handy list of archives to search as she celebrates Easter, and we thought we'd help her out. The list of ring members is here.

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