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March 2002

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March 8

I knew things were challenging when Wendy sent e-mail this morning asking me to please bring bandages to the office, since we were out of them there. She had a scraped finger caused by having to restrain a client's dog who was having a hard time with the word, "No!" The dog was in Wendy's office; the client was with attorneys, and in case you're wondering, Zoe-the-office-dog had stayed home for the day.

I should have replied to the mail, but I got in a hurry to get the bandages, and just shut down the computer so I could leave immediately. Wendy wasn't sure I had received the request, so she called. I grabbed the phone as soon as she started telling the answering machine what she wanted (I had let the machine pick up because I was reasonably sure it was a call that could wait, or a wrong number). I told her the bandages and I were on our way.

What I didn't count on was the amount of traffic I would encounter. Everyone in the county who owns a car was out driving, with the majority of them being on the streets I needed to use to get from my apartment to the office. Several of those car owners were interested in seeing just how slowly their vehicles could go, I think.

I don't usually get annoyed with slow drivers in urban traffic; I figure they have some reason to go slowly and I'm usually not in so much of a hurry that a few miles under the posted speed will hinder my progress. But these people were moving along at a few miles above zero speed, for no discernable reason. No one was using emergency flashers, no accidents had happened, no one was slowing down to look at street signs, nor was anything else going on that usually accompanies extremely slow traffic.

I was beginning to think I'd get to the law firm faster if I just pulled over, parked, and walked the rest of the way.

When I finally did get there, I washed my hands and helped Wendy with the bandage. The scrape itself wasn't all that bad, but it was on an index finger joint and would have been aggravated every time Wendy needed to bend her finger.

As we've both told you, it's been a very busy week at work. Actually, it has been a very busy couple of weeks. But it is going well. The main perk of this job, from my perspective? That the people all remember to say thank you.

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Beth has started a ring of journallers who plan to update daily for the rest of Lent. The ring is called "Saving Kymm's Soul," in honor of Kymm's pledge to give up reading journals for Lent. She'll need a handy list of archives to search as she celebrates Easter, and we thought we'd help her out. The list of ring members is here.

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