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February 2002

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February 27

I've had an eye-opening moment today. I've realized that what I consider a public place may feel like deep privacy to others. For instance, I don't care how limited the membership is, a virtual community sharing a message board does not feel private to me. I may be individually close to a lot of the other participants, but if I want to make a private comment, I'm not likely to post it to the whole group.

In speaking of a private comment, I'm not so much talking about something deep and serious as something that would embarrass me to be known to have said---some witty remark taken out of context, perhaps. For example, if I really don't like some song, or book, or frock in a store window, the whole group is not likely to hear me call it badly sung, written, or sewn.

Other people, though, seem to feel freer than I to share such remarks with what may well be an unappreciative audience. If it works for them, I'm glad.

I'm the one likely to post some benign comment, especially if I'm answering someone else. I'm not claiming that my way is the right way here. I'm commenting on what works better for me.

At any rate, the moment I realized this was a good moment, because it let me understand something about myself, and the lines I've drawn inside my mind, much better.

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