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February 2002

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February 25

I'd love to know why someone went looking on Google for "underwire bra airport." I suspect the searcher wanted tales of women being patted down (or felt up, as the case might be). It got them this entry of mine. The entry is not in the Google top twenty for those three words, either. Go figure. Anyway, it was good for a recent laugh!

* * * * * * * * * * *

This has been a day that has contained good things. Most recent good thing is that I got finished with the last bits of a research project for a client. It worked out slightly better than I had thought it would, and that pleases me. And it got done a bit early, which will no doubt please the client. So that makes it a multiple winner.

Another good thing for the day: a woman who is a friend of all of us at the law firm brought lemon-poppyseed muffins. Since I had spoken with her last week, I knew she had planned this. But I had forgotten that today was the day she had promised to bring them. The last time I had had them was nearly three years ago, when I last worked there. They are just as good as I remember them being.

And there was a gift waiting when I got home; one that reminded me of the Divine. I will tell you more about that one another time.

Suffice to say it made the day complete.

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