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February 2002

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February 21

Some random notions tonight.

Because I had such a lousy time with allergies last spring, I'm afraid I may be in for another seige this year. I promise if I wind up doing the allergy eye thing this year (a lump on my eyelid), I'll take pictures.

The place I most want to go at the moment is to the northern North Carolina mountains. Not for any special occasion, just for my soul's sake. I hope to get to go soon.

I love it when someone has an equal appreciation of my serious side and my sense of humor.

Sometimes I like being part of a community of whatever. But other times, I really need solitude. Striking a balance is not always easy, nor is finding the proper community. When all that comes together, it is blissful.

If you want to sell me something, please tell me why your product or service is good without making disparaging remarks about whatever I'm using now. (This remark prompted by a salesman who came into the office today and wasted five minutes of my life making disparaging remarks about our telephone service and our ISP.)

Somebody paid me a really nice compliment a few days ago---he called me an ethical chick. That made my week.

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