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February 2002

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February 15 - The Outcome

When I think back on this week, I will most certainly remember the expressions of support and concern I received from people who read this entry and/or this one. I have tried to write today to all the people who wrote, to tell them the outcome(s). I truly hope I haven't missed anyone; if I did, it was by accident. Now I'll share it with the rest of the world.

In the first instance, the February 7 entry, I said that my feelings had been hurt, perhaps inadvertently. That event was minor, and it was indeed an inadvertent act on the part of someone who was tired when it happened.

In the second instance, the event was more serious, and made me feel rejected. I had a lot of unanswered questions. Had I done something wrong? Had I inadvertently hurt someone? Was I really not worth being known anymore? That last sentiment is the one that got the most response.

The circumstances surrounding the hurt are not important. I'll say simply I had been left out of something that I had previously been involved in. The "not worth being known" sentiment came from my originally having been invited to participate because I was someone the inviter said was worth knowing. So the opposite was implied in the slight.

But my most important question all through the whole thing was whether or not it was deliberate. I made a very clear decision that I would not seek to retaliate. I also made a clear decision that I would ask no questions, but wait to see how the situation unfolded. If it was not deliberate, the slight would be corrected. If it had indeed been intended that I be omitted, I would know. I made these decisions based on prior knowledge, on this being how I am most comfortable doing things, and on the fact of my life that I do not give up on people.

And it's just as well I followed my instincts and waited. Although I really didn't expect the resolution to happen so soon, it has happened. The slight was indeed a huge mistake on the part of the person who made it. As soon as that person realized the mistake, it was corrected. An apology was extended to me (and accepted, of course), and appropriate amends have been made. The friendship is very much intact.

I am very pleased. And again, I am truly grateful to those who got in touch. I have been wrapped this week in loving arms, and been sheltered. I am blessed on many, many levels.

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